Custom Noodle TA AFO

Available exclusively Custom-from-Cast or Scan

  • Custom Noodle TA AFO
  • Custom Noodle TA AFO




Medial-Lateral Control

  • Description

    Anterior cuff design. The strut can extend from the medial or lateral side of the footplate.

  • Pathologies

    Drop foot with no or mild medial-lateral deformities.

    Limited passive range of motion and plantarflexion weakness.

  • Mechanical Effect

    The Noodle TA is the easiest Noodle AFO to don. Its anterior shell creates a floor reaction effect for its user.

  • Options

    Set to desired dorsi/plantar position.

    Set to desired footplate and strut flexibility from flexible to extra stiff.

    Lateral or Medial strut placement.

    Add an SMO or custom insert for added control and comfort.

    Available with a contoured heel cup. The UCBL footplate controls the foot and stiffens the device.