The Noodle Plus AFO

Advanced Carbon Fiber Brace

← Rigid Anterior Tibial Section

← Extra Stiff Lateral Strut

↓ 5° Plantar Flexed Footplate

The Noodle Plus AFO Carbon Fiber Brace

The Noodle Plus is set in 5 degrees Plantar Flexion

Unique Features of The Noodle Plus:

  • Patented carbon fiber composite design that is more flexible than standard carbon fiber AFO's to optimize mobility
  • Anterior shell design with energy storing carbon fiber composite dynamic lateral strut and footplate to effectively treat foot drop

Indications for The Noodle Plus AFO:

Mild to moderate knee extension weakness:

The Noodle Plus applies a floor reaction force to the upper tibia. This helps with knee control and extension.

Foot/Ankle plantar flexion weakness:

The Noodle Plus absorbs kinetic energy during the middle and end of the stance phase of the gait cycle. The energy stored in The Noodle Plus is then released at push/toe-off with every step.

Post Tibial Tendonitis Dysfunction (PTTD)

The Noodle Plus limits the anterior progression of the tibia which is effective in reducing forces that cause midfoot collapse. The Noodle Plus is used in conjunction with foot orthotics to reduce pain and swelling caused by the combination of a tight Achilles tendon, midfoot collapse during the late stages of gait and tendonitis/arthritis associated with the condition.

Partial foot amputation:

The Noodle Plus is a lightweight option for mid and distal partial foot prosthetic needs. The energy storing effect and simulated push off is ideal for this application. Add a custom insole and shoe filler for a complete solution.

From the Inventor

"The Noodle Plus AFO with its patented carbon fiber composite design offers a combination of strength, durability and dynamic performance that is not available in other products. If you are a clinician or a user looking for a superior AFO then try The Noodle® Plus."

---  Wade Bader, CPO, President of Kinetic Research

Dynamic Performance

From Heel-Strike to Toe-Off

The Noodle Plus carbon fiber composite ankle foot orthosis is a lightweight yet extremely durable. It is ideal for users with varying degrees of foot drop who would benefit from a dynamic energy storing AFO to improve gait. The flexible footplate and flexible strut facilitate a more natural gait than more rigid carbon fiber AFO's.

The Noodle AFO provides gait assistance by controlling plantar flexion and reducing energy consumption with dynamic swing assist and improved ground clearance. Heel-strike stores energy then toe-off releases energy for dynamic perfomance.

Handcrafted Carbon Fiber AFO Brace

The Noodle Plus is handcrafted by expert technicians skilled in carbon fiber composite fabrication. This allows for a custom precision fit that optimizes performance and efficacy. The Noodle Plus is available either Pre-fabricated, Build-to-Order or Custom-from-Cast.

Pre-fabricated Standard Sizes

  Part #
  Part #

Build-to-Order Models

Build-to-Order models offer custom features without having to cast. Build-to-Order specifications include:

  • Cuff height and foot plate length variations
  • Strut variation from flexible to extra-stiff
  • Foot plate variation from flexible to extra-stiff
  • Colors or user supplied fabric

Custom-from-Cast Models

For difficult to fit users The Noodle Plus Custom-from-Cast is the superior carbon fiber AFO brace.


All Kinetic Research carbon fiber braces come with a 1 year warranty.


Pre-fabricated suggested retail price: $995

Kinetic Research products are only available from qualified healthcare professionals.