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Thank you for visiting Kinetic Research.  If you are interested in our products there are several ways to get them.

  • Visit your local practitioner to find out what device is best for you.

  • If  you are not currently seeing a practitioner, we work with companies all over the world and can connect you with a clinic in your area with the expertise to take care of you.

  • Want to see us in person?  Schedule an appointment with the Bader Clinic at Kinetic Research located in Tampa, FL. We will do a full evaluation and recommendation for a custom device. Please see FAQs below for more information on our clinic.

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About the Bader Clinic at Kinetic Research

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. We want to make sure we are available to take care of all of your needs.

Do I need a prescription?
Yes. Any orthosis you receive must have a written prescription from a physician.

Does Bader Clinic at Kinetic Research accept insurance?
No. We will supply you all of the documentation you need to submit to your insurance company for repayment. Or, we can also help you get in touch with a practitioner in your area that accepts insurance and is familiar with our products.

How long does it take ?
The process typically takes one to two weeks.  This includes an evaluation, fabrication, and delivery of your orthosis.  If you’re not from this area, there are plenty of things to do and see within 30 minutes of our location.

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