Custom from Cast

  • Perfect for foot/ankle pathologies that require additional knee and femoral control
  • Supports chronic knee and limb instability
  • Fabricated to meet the individual needs of the user
  • Provides tri-planar control of the lower extremity
  • Ultra-lightweight and durable
  • Easy to donn and use
  • Utilizes a full range of knee and ankle joints including Stance Control and the Knee Spike

KAFOs are available in premium and ultra-lightweight designs. They can be customized with different thigh cuff positions and can be used in combination with any AFO style offered.  The carbon fiber structure can allow for unilateral or bilateral joint use. KAFOs can be fabricated using our Knee Spike or most industry standard joints including mechanically or gravity actuated stance control. KAFOs are highly customizable and have many options which are listed below.

If you are a patient and want to see if a KAFO is the right device for you, talk with your local practitioner or visit our clinic at Kinetic Research.

About the KAFO

KAFO Custom from Cast
Anterior, Posterior or Step-through Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Combine with any AFO Section Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Thigh or Pretibial Shell Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Choice of Knee Alignment Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Choice of Ankle Alignment Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Unilateral or Bilateral Knee Joints Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Stance Control Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Industry Standard Joints Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Knee Joint Release Mechanism Checkmark for Off the Shelf
Choice of Color or Fabric Finish Checkmark for Off the Shelf


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I want to thank you for standing behind your product after I broke a knee joint and replacing the unit. I’m a below knee amputee on the left side, and I have a drop foot and weak knee that goes into valgus on the right. Your KAFO allows me a range of motion and degree of mobility/stability I don’t experience with any other product, and as a such a better quality of life. It means a lot to me as a person with a disability that you replaced/upgraded this unit for me. I feel very much “back on my feet” as it were.

You make an excellent product that truly makes a difference in my daily life, and I appreciate the professionalism and integrity shown by Kinetic in support of this product.

Thank you so much, it is most sincerely appreciated.

Mark G. NYC